June 24, 2024

Nigerian millionaire takes over N24m Benz to UNILAG, students gather to watch

A trending video shows UNILAG undergraduates rushing a Nigerian millionaire who drove over N24m CLA 45 AMG Benz to campus.

The Nigerian man got the attention of many students when he drove his 2021 CLA 45 AMG to the University of Lagos.

Many undergraduates who were wowed by the exotic ride could not hold themselves back from touching it.

Nigerians in his comment section fawned over his riches as some wondered why he was driving such showy vehicle and drawing attention to himself

While in the expensive car, many students gathered around, touched it and admired the young man’s wealth.

Watch the video below

There were also security officials around the vehicle, trying to restore calm. Many people tried to guess the price of the automobile

Vehicle was estimated at $55,900 (N24,744,694.00) and the body design is handcrafted. It has a five-passenger capacity.

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