June 24, 2024

Police release list of crime hot spots in Nairobi

The National Police Service has released a list of crime hotspots in Nairobi, warning the public to avoid them at all costs.

In a report on Monday the NPS said their data established that the criminals are targeting all persons, residential areas and businesses including M Pesa shops.

It also showed that people were mugged both in daylight and at night.

The marked areas include Thika highway; along the Drive-In flyover to KCA, KCA underpass and Total exit.

Globe Cinema and Kipande road are also listed.

Others are ABC Place and Kangemi along Waiyaki Way, and parts of CBD including River Road, Archives, Kirinyaga road and Fig Tree.

The Service said the gangs are involved in a robbery with violence, carjacking, assaults, burglaries and murder.

Further, NPS recommended some measures to help the public stay safe.

It said pedestrians should stay aware of their surroundings, take note of parked cars, and individuals loitering around them and avoid walking alone in the darkness.

“Try as much as possible to get home before dark,” the statement emphasized.

Citizens were also advised to reduce the use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops in traffic, avoid carrying ATM cards when not absolutely necessary and evaluate the amount of money to be deposited into their M-Pesa accounts.

Avoid leaving bags, wallets or any valuable item on the chair of your vehicle when parking in a public place, keep your car doors locked and rolled up at all times.

Further, car owners are advised to look out for any following cars when driving home.

Look out for cars parked too close to your gate, and watch out for unfamiliar individuals in your neighbourhood.

NPS also recommended that homeowners should consider installing CCTV systems and for those with security fences to ensure they are working.

In case of an attack, one is advised to fully cooperate with the criminals and not argue or fight back.

The Nairobi Area Police Control will be able to receive any emergency calls from 0203556771.


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