July 20, 2024

President Barrow meets with health authorities, discusses measures on provision of drugs

The Gambian President, Adama Barrow, has met with the country’s health authorities.

During the meeting which was held on Friday November 11, 2022, the president stated that the government the meeting was aimed at taking measures to provide essential drugs to Gambians while regulations are reviewed.

Barrow stated this at the tripartite meeting with representatives of the Pharmaceutical Association of The Gambia, Authorities of the Ministry of Health, and the Medicine Control Agency.

The president said, While trying to prevent the reoccurrence of the AKI incidence, there must be steps to avoid creating other problems, thus the frank discussions to find solutions.”

He emphasised the importance of interface dialogue in crises so stakeholders could reach a solution, especially in a democracy where everybody has a right to be heard.

President Barrow keenly listened to the importers of drugs, the technical team from the Medicine Control Agency, and the policy makers from the Ministry of Health raised concerns, which range from delays in regulatory measures to the availability of essential medicines such as drugs for hypertension and surgery.

Mediating the meeting, President Barrow directed the MCA to work on timelines and ensure that operational measures are taken for essential and emergency medicines to be available while ensuring proper mechanisms and regulations are implemented for testing all drugs.

He assured the meeting that his government would provide all the necessary support to ensure the smooth operations of the entities, and all stakeholders should learn from the problem to avoid its re-occurrence.

He encouraged them to work together for the ultimate benefit of Gambians while emphasising that the government and the private sector are partners.

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