June 17, 2024

Oyo releases Asejire Dam, two people die in Osun

Two young men from Ehin Osun communities have lost their lives in the Osun Akunrundun River.

This was disclosed by Ibeju Rewa on Thursday November 11, 2022.

Ijebu Rewa reported that on Sunday November 6, 2022, the tragedy struck in Ehin Osun communities, Ijebu North East Local Government Area when

The Osun Akunrundun River is a river that links Ehin Osun Communities to other towns and villages within the local government as well as other local government areas.

The members of the communities stated that on the said date, there was a release of water from Asejire Reservoir/ Dam in Oyo State without notification.

As usual, it resulted in the overflow of Osun Akunrundun River and a Canoe (narrow boat) transporting the two young men and others capsized, the report said.

According to Ehin Osun community members, this is not the first time lives will be lost in the Osun Akunrundun River.

It added, “This and other challenges (restriction of movement, inability to transport farm produce for marketing/loss of farm produce, inaccessibility to tadequate health facilities, education and loss of lives) have been their ordeal /plight over the years.”

The community members have engaged the Ogun State government on a number of occasion concerning these issues stated above.

They once again called on the Ogun State government to come to their aid and put an end to this nightmare that has plagued the community over the years by constructing a bridge across the Osun Akunrundun River and regulating the opening or releasing of water from Asejire Dam.

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